Monday, May 12, 2008

Off Season Vacation

I had an amazing break in San Diego for the last few days. My very last four-hour final was on Tuesday afternoon. Margaret and Booker picked me up at school with Dani and we got right on the road after trashing my Federal Income Tax book. It was the first time in years that I didn't have a thing to stress. No school, no papers, no moot court memorials, no Lisa Foundation work, nothing until the Bar exam review course starts on the 28th. We stayed at Bec's beach house until Sunday morning. It was absolutely glorious. Booker posted some good photos on his blog.

One of the highlights came Friday morning. Bec and Joy had found this great little breakfast place that was built into one of those public restrooms that you see on beaches. They had good breakfast burritos, so naturally the place was nicknamed the bathroom burrito place. (And yes, we definitely made some fecal French toast and water closet waffle jokes - I think there was a urinal cakes reference thrown in there as well).

Anyway, we mosey on up to the bathroom Burrito place, when who do we spot packing down a bathroom burrito of his own?: That's twelve time pro-bowler Junior Seau enjoying a crapper coffee. And that's my sister Joy fondling his bicep. I was positive that was him, but I was too chicken to say anything. So I made Joy do it. She asked him if he was Junior Seau (though I think she pronounced it See-ow - when Margaret downloaded the photo she labeled it Junior Sallao), and then let him know what a big fan she is. Classic.

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