Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've Moved

Margaret and I have combined our blogging powers and now have a superblog at www.clargaret.blogspot.com

Sorry for making everyone delist the separate blogs and relist the new blog. But we hope it will be worth it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


We are at the point in this pregnancy where we are slightly worried that we haven't got a proven frontrunner in the name race. We don't like to have a name picked out that we call the fetus because we're afraid we might get sick of it or associate the name with those alien-looking ultrasounds. Yikes. But it would be nice to have some ideas from my limited, but brilliant, blog readers. Here are our criteria:

It can't be too common. He really should be the only one in his class with his name. No Johns, no Steves, not even semi-common names like Aidan or Hunter or Simon or something.

No overtly old testament names. It sounds funny with the Proffitt after it. Elijah Proffitt or whatever just doesn't work.

Family names are preferred, but obviously not required. Obscure Mormon heritage names are also nice.

We like Jewish names, Russian names and literary names but subject to the common rule and they can't be too harsh sounding (No Chaim).

No trendy celebrity-baby names: Apple, Violet, Jaden, Shiloh, Harlowe, etc...

Seemingly awful names will be considered for at least middle names. We need to find the next generation's version of "Elva" - Margaret may complain about her middle name, but she secretly loves it.

So stop hording all the good names like you're hamsters and surrender them to us like you're French. We will be grateful like your annoying roommate at testimony meeting.